'A brilliant writer, Matthew has written for us for several national publications, on the back of which we've secured additional opportunities for clients. Whether writing for the press, websites, marketing, social media or editing
copy, the quality of his work is first-class and clients are always pleased with the results.'

Caroline Page,

documentary producer and PR agent

'Matthew has been invaluably helpful in the work he's done preparing all my books for publication and beyond.'

Jill Clough, prize-winning author

'The attention to detail Matthew puts into each project is exceptional. He writes with
a creative flair very rarely seen.'

Gareth O'Rourke,

digital marketing agent

'The more people who learn how good Matthew is, the more difficult it will be for us to be blessed by his skills. He responds to tasks with graciousness, enthusiasm, competence and timeliness – and his videography,
film-editing and writing
skills show us he is one talented person!'

Rebecca Truman,

NGO director