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As a writer I know about how to get a book published, and I offer a full-service self-publishing package (or separate elements) to authors, which takes your manuscript from Word document to physical and digital book. I strike good deals with cover designers and printers, and offer mentoring, editing, copyediting, proofreading, typesetting, book-launching and book trailer services. I write using Word, Scrivener, Ulysses, Atticus, and I use Affinity and Adobe publishing programs


Having worked for years on national newspapers I can help you navigate the press and media. Are you working on a podcast or promotional video and need someone to look at your script, or edit your audio/video and maybe add background music as well? I work using Apple Final Cut Pro for video, and Logic Pro professional music composition software for the broadcast-quality spoken voice and background music. With access to the best orchestral and solo instrument digital plugins, I can compose music tailor-made to you, giving you top quality – at a very affordable fee!


Spreading the word requires first identifying the right words to spread. Some of the services I offer include website text-writing, specialised media content creation, blog editing, social-media scheduling, trade publication article ghost-writing. Clients I've worked with include pensions management companies, national legal firms, global fintech innovators and thriving local businesses. All of these stake their reputations on getting their words in front of their clients in a factually precise, highly relevant and extremely well expressed way



I work with digital marketing agencies on category and product descriptions for their clients. This requires keyword research and the writing of website text that is focused, engaging and useful, not only because that's what people want but also so Google's bots can spot top-quality and regularly updated web-page text and move the page nearer the top 5 on page 1 of the search results. I aim to write website category and product descriptions that are "10x" better than the competition, and I use SEO tools including Semrush

I help academics with text editing and assessment on content relating to many specialisms – recently I worked on a client's MA on World Heritage Site planning, and on a document delivered at the COP27 summit. Are you looking to publish a research paper in a journal and need fresh eyes on it before you submit the pitch? Are you a PhD student needing to tidy up your thesis or a post-doctoral academic working on a book? Are you in the marketing department of a university needing to outsource a writing/editing project? I deliver quick turnaround editorial services for all the above

Free consultation and assessment. Competitive fees.